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first born strives to make the transition from artistic womb to world less scary. we are a toronto-based theatre company built by emerging artists, for emerging artists, who aim to create the next generation of canadian theatre.  our mission is to follow artists' ideas from their conception to their birth through community feedback and peer support. all first born participants should be inexperienced professionally and prepared to learn through trial and error - like a baby learning to take their first steps. our model follows three artistic phases; the conception, the gestation, and the birth. each period is dedicated to supporting different theatre artists in artistic play and creation. 


  • launch emerging artists into the canadian theatre industry.

  • develop bold new canadian plays that push boundaries and strive for excellence.

  • establish community among young creatives.

  • prioritize feedback and workshopping at the core of our practice.

  • fund emerging artists. 


  • community 

  • collaboration 

  • creativity 

  • process over product 

  • humour, joy, and fun

Untitled_Artwork 2.png
Untitled_Artwork 2.png
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